Board of Trustees | Renato Lucero

Vice-Chairperson for England

He was born in Manila but brought up in Guiuan, Eastern Samar and Cebu City. He is the younger of only two children, hence, had the opportunity to attend excellent institutions of learning both in the Philippines and Europe. These venerable institutions have instilled in him a deep appreciation for civic duty. Complemented by his parents who were deeply involved in community service and who fostered in him the values of community service.

He was ordained a Catholic Priest and worked in the province of Eastern Samar, which was then one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines. Despite the poverty encountered, the fortitude and integrity of the local people were absolutely admirable. This experience only served him to have more determination in serving others. From there, he was commissioned to be a part of the staff of the International School of Evangelisation for Asia, eventually becoming its Director.

Afterwards, he volunteered to work among the Filipino Communities in Northeastern Italy. Later on, he transferred to south London to open the doors of the Italian Centre in Brixton to the Filipino Community in the city. This led on to his training and qualifying as a nurse in the United Kingdom. He is currently working within the private care home sector.

He is a teacher, formator, community leader, facilitator, an organiser and an innovator. He is a simple man with a big heart.