ENFiD-UK Conducts Basic Life Support Training


In order to equip people with knowledge on saving people’s lives especially in case of emergency, the ENFiD-UK conducted trainings on Basic Life Support and First Aid on the 29th day of January 2017 in the halls of Westminster City Hall, Westminster, London.


An overwhelming number of trainees attended the one-day event. They underwent hours of lecture on basic and essential concepts followed by a practical application simulating a real life scenario.


The trainers came from the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Ms. Annie Redwood, Senior Resuscitation Officer, gave the training on Basic Life Support. Applying First Aid skills was demonstrated by Mr. Oliver Lynch, an IV Line Practitioner Specialist Nurse.


Each participant received a certificate of attendance upon completion of the training, which has a validity of one year.

The activity was led by ENFiD-UK Chairperson, Edwin Dela Cruz, who is also the Head of Faculty of Nursing at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.


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